Sleep apnea - breathing disorders

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About 45% of the residents in the UAE have sleep disorders symptoms. Among the sleep disorder types, obstructive sleep apnea was the most common and insomnia came in second, according to a leading medical specialist in the UAE.

Early detection of breast cancer saves lives

Early detection of breast cancer saves lives.

Across the world, October has been widely recognised as the Breast Cancer Awareness Month in a global effort to raise breast cancer awareness. Pink is the breast cancer symbol of hope, that’s why it’s often also referred to as the ‘Pink Month’.

Back to School Health Checkup

Back to School, Back to better Health!

A yearly well-child health check up may not seem like an urgent thing to schedule, compared with everything on your to-do list. But the summer break is one of the best times to ensure you get this check-up done, just as you check up on their homework!

What is Hyperthyroidism

Brain fog. Weight gain. Hair loss. Watch out: it’s thyroid!

The thyroid is a gland in the front of your neck. It’s shaped like a butterfly but don’t be fooled: it can turn out to be your worst enemy when it goes haywire! The main thyroid function is to create hormones that control the speed of your body metabolism, which helps your body use up energy. In a sense therefore, it acts as a regulator of your physical and mental state of being.

gynecologist for teenager

Visiting a gynaecologist starts as early as 13 years in adolescence

It can be frightening for adolescents who gradually take note of bodily changes while undergoing reproductive maturity early on from their initial teens (13 and 15 years), with scarcely any knowledge of why they happen. It’s something that they are bound to experience, as is the case of the same gynaecological issues in adult women.

gynaecologists and obstetricians

Why you need the best gynaecologist for your well-being

Delaying your health concerns, whether that’s dismissing painful cramps, ignoring a lump on your breast, or not paying attention to abnormal changes in your body can cause serious, life-threatening health issues if ignored.


Talk to a doctor from Anywhere through the SmartDoc App. Instant booking, no waiting time.

Online consultations have now made it easy for a patient to effortlessly connect with a doctor remotely from home, to get an entire diagnosis and treatment done in minutes and even have the medicines delivered, without the patient ever having to leave the comfort and safety of home.

Dental Health

Ignoring your teeth health is ignoring your overall health

Most people are so busy sorting out their lifestyle, visiting a dentist is the last one on their to-do list! Until of course, the time comes when it gets really serious, and you rush to find the best dental clinic in Dubai.

Art Coffee

Coffee: Does it affect blood sugar?

You read that right and yes, you can sit down and calmly take this in while brewing yourself a strong cup of lip-smacking, delish coffee!

Hypertension healthhub

Hypertension? Relax, take a deep breath, read on.

The oddest thing about hypertension and high blood pressure is how the people who have it still believe they don’t.