gynaecologists and obstetricians

Why you need the best gynaecologist for your well-being

Delaying your health concerns, whether that’s dismissing painful cramps, ignoring a lump on your breast, or not paying attention to abnormal changes in your body can cause serious, life-threatening health issues if ignored.


Talk to a doctor from Anywhere through the SmartDoc App. Instant booking, no waiting time.

Online consultations have now made it easy for a patient to effortlessly connect with a doctor remotely from home, to get an entire diagnosis and treatment done in minutes and even have the medicines delivered, without the patient ever having to leave the comfort and safety of home.

Dental Health

Ignoring your teeth health is ignoring your overall health

Most people are so busy sorting out their lifestyle, visiting a dentist is the last one on their to-do list! Until of course, the time comes when it gets really serious, and you rush to find the best dental clinic in Dubai.

Art Coffee

Coffee: Does it affect blood sugar?

You read that right and yes, you can sit down and calmly take this in while brewing yourself a strong cup of lip-smacking, delish coffee!

Hypertension healthhub

Hypertension? Relax, take a deep breath, read on.

The oddest thing about hypertension and high blood pressure is how the people who have it still believe they don’t.

HealthHub by Al-Futtaim - International Accreditation in the UAE

HealthHub by Al-Futtaim – The First Chain of Primary Care Clinics to Achieve International Accreditation in the UAE

Accreditation Canada will follow an ongoing process of assessing HealthHub Clinics’ healthcare services based on the highest standards of excellence. It will work alongside HealthHub through a three-year cycle of evaluations and enhancements to ensure services maintain a world-class level. Accreditation Canada will collaborate to build capacity.

Women's Day 2022

Let’s #BreakTheBias towards Women’s Health

Why is it that when it comes to women’s health, especially in this part of the world, it’s taken for granted? As we move into Women’s Month, especially to mark International Women’s Day 2022, it’s time for some reflection.

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Move over Men’s Fear

Over 50?
Get your prostate checked.