DHI-2 6th july 2021

About DHI Hair Transplant

The DHI Method is a simple, non-invasive method with rigorous protocols, where there are no incisions and therefore no scars in the extraction and recipient area. Our extraction method is carried out using very fine titanium punches, ensuring the proper care and management of the donor area.
The grafts are then sorted one by one, classified and placed in a specific preservation solution traditionally used during organs transplant to ensure the longevity of your precious follicles, without the grafts ever being altered or cut.

Then our method of implantation is carried out entirely with the tailor-made stylus “hair injector” which does not require any pre-incision on the scalp. It allows the DHI Doctor to completely control the angle of implantation, the depth of placement and most importantly the implantation direction. This allows them to obtain an accurate density and follow the natural pattern of the hair on your head.
All our practicing doctors are hyper-specialized in DHI hair transplant and do not carry out any other type of procedure. These specialists must follow rigorous training of between 10 to 18 months minimum to master the method perfectly and guarantee our requirements of natural result’s. The Lutétia Clinic being the biggest hair transplantation clinic in Europe, all of our masters are European.

DHI Hair Transplant