Omar Al-Futtaim

Life is measured not by years, but by enriching moments. 

For over 90 glorious years, the Al-Futtaim Group has dedicated itself to enriching the lives of people in the UAE.  

From bringing the world’s best choice of cars that drive people forward, to making time count in people’s lives with the world’s most iconic brands of watches.  

 As a step forward towards enriching lives even further and providing good healthcare for all, we are proud to introduce Al-Futtaim Health. The aim is to offer top quality service in medical care that is holistic across a network of over 20 clinics.  

 By using the latest technology that employs smart integrated solutions and an ambience that creates a holistic environment the moment you step in, the key focus is to provide accessible healthcare for all. 

 We are proud of Al-Futtaim Health’s most recent recognition from Accreditation Canada International for its chain of HealthHub Clinics.  

This is already a strong testament to the Group’s efforts in providing quality healthcare that is constantly in line with the best that the world has to offer. 

We look forward to seeing this brand grow by truly fulfilling the goal of being your ‘Health Partners of the New Era.” 

 Omar Al-Futtaim, Vice Chairman & CEO, AL-Futtaim Group