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Dr. Ashraf Demiry

Dr. Ashraf Demiry

Specialist Pediatrician
Speaks: English and Arabic
Dr. Ashraf Demiry

Dr. Ashraf Demiry

Speaks: English and Arabic

Core Expertise

  • Complete medical care for newborns and children of different ages
  • Management of acute and chronic diseases
  • Follow up of growth, development and nutritional state of children
  • Management of respiratory problems such as allergy, asthma and infections
  • Full vaccination schedule including the most recent vaccines


Dr. Ashraf Demiry has more than 20 years of experience in paediatrics and has worked at leading clinics and hospitals in Dubai. He has also worked earlier in Egypt at reputed teaching hospitals, and has an MBBS qualification, with a Masters and Diploma in Peadiatrics and Neonatology from Egypt.

Primary Location

HealthHub – Al Warqa
Mushroom Building No. 3,
Al Warqa 1,

Parking: Free RTA parking available