As the heat rises, so do your chances of Eczema.
Here’s how you can prevent it.

Eczema or ‘atopic dermatitis’ is a very common chronic inflammatory skin disease, that occurs in early childhood, sometimes as early as around 2-6 months from birth. You can tell when you’ve got it by identifying red, itchy, inflamed, and sometimes blistering patches of skin.

Keep your eyes open
for Allergic Conjunctivitis!

Given the largest rainfall that the UAE witnessed in 75 years on 16th April, 2024, it wasn’t just the alarming damage to life and property, it was the aftermath of the illnesses that came with it, from flu and diarrhea to allergic conjunctivitis!

How to give your child
better sleep.

We spend nearly one third of our lives in sleep. Apart from food and water, it provides the fuel for better physical and mental well-being.

Watch out, Flu season is back!
Here’s why Hand Hygiene helps your child avoid flu.

If you hear your child sneezing with more ‘atchoos’ then what is normal, it’s time you paid attention to the smaller details triggering those sneezes and coughs, the most common among them being the seasonal flu caused by poor hand hygiene!

Don’t let constipation affect your child’s overall health

“Doctor, my baby isn’t eating well?!” “Doc, my child is having abdominal pain, on and off!” “My child is gripping her stomach in agony and is constantly irritated!” These are just some of the most common concerns we hear from parents who visit our top paediatricians at HealthHub Clinics while narrating symptoms affecting their young ones.

Why watching your back
matters this Ramadan.

One of the most rewarding benefits of fasting during the Holy Month is how it can help detox your body for good while improving your health, boosting weight loss, and cleansing your overall body functions.

How to prevent childhood obesity through healthy living

Ramadan is a time when your child’s regular lifestyle undergoes a major change, including meal times, sleep patterns and of course, the diet! But the issue of obesity in the UAE goes beyind the fasting season…

Healthy eating starts early. Is your child’s diet, right?

It’s never easy trying to get children to follow a healthy diet, especially when it’s during the fasting period.

Why migraines in women
worsen during Ramadan.

Right now it may feel like your head is bursting uncontrollably, and there seems to be nothing you can do.

Are you getting enough
ZZZZ time in Ramadan?

One of the biggest challenges during Ramadan is maintaining healthy sleeping patterns, given the challenging fasting hours.

Have you heard? Noise causes hearing loss and kills too!
Hearing loss needs an early check-up.

The world has become a noisier place. Apart from creating long-term hearing loss, high sensitivity to noise can actually be fatal, if you consider that noise pollution has caused 12,000 premature deaths and 48,000 new cases of ischaemic heart disease in a year (according to the European Environment Agency).

Watch your weight, while you fast.
Weight loss tips during Ramadan

One of the biggest side effects of fasting during Ramadan is putting on those extra kilos. For a season that demands a high degree of self-control, it’s therefore a bit ironic that people practicising it don’t leave it to a planned schedule, giving up finally to an indulgent lifestyle that if not checked, only ends up with excessive weight-gain and heightened risks of hypertension.

Fasting the healthy way.
Healthy reminders before Ramadan.

It’s that time of the year which calls for spiritual reflection, and self-control. Ramadan month is also a clarion call to exercise your self-control during fasting for your overall attention to your health and well-being.

Back pain to bleeding.
Get to know Endometriosis more.

Understanding Endometriosis, like its hard-to-pronounce name by itself is a challenge of sorts.

Going mental over dental issues?
Get to know about Nursing Bottle Caries.

Your child’s smile can light up the world …or be destroyed if proper care doesn’t start at a young age. Getting those pearly whites to look shiny and healthy through time, depends on how well-built they are on an early foundation of healthy habits.

Buzzing. Ringing. Hissing.
If it’s only echoing in your head, you’ve got Tinnitus.

There’s an alarm bell ringing right now, and you wake up to shut it off. But wait a minute, there’s no alarm clock and you just woke up at 4:00 am and… why is that ringing continuing in your head?

Heart-health: Know your facts from the myths

Your heart will skip a beat as you read this: 30% of all health fatalities in the UAE are related to cardiovascular diseases, a figure highlighted by the World Health Organization. That number is frighteningly on the rise, not just among an older population, but a younger generation…from 25 years of age and upwards!

Winter skincare issues? Our expert dermatologists share 5 skincare secrets.

Winter in the UAE has an extreme side to it, which also means that your skin can be highly vulnerable to its effects such as acne breakouts to dry flaky skin and chapped lips. It helps to stay aware on how best you can choose the best approaches to maintaining skin treatment in winter.

Why you need to know about Cervical Cancer

To win the battle over Diabetes, start by losing!

One of the biggest causes of severe diabetes, especially in the UAE is excessive weight gain. That’s why the one thing you need to lose most quickly is your excess weight…to gain diabetes-free health! Remember, losing just 5% of extra body weight can help you control your blood sugar levels much better. The more weight you gain over time makes it challenging to lose it early as your body metabolism slows down as you age, which in turn makes it difficult to control diabetes. That’s why the earlier you get into the habit of maintaining a healthy weight (and of course an early check-up to gauge your condition), the more prepared you can become to stay diabetes-free.