Our Specialties

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Internal Medicine

Well-being begins with feeling good inside.  As your trusted health partners, our team of specialists in Internal Medicine manage both acute and chronic illnesses, while

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Neurology Clinics in Dubai


A healthy mind helps you enjoy life to the fullest. In the event of you suffering from a disease or disorder, our neurology specialists at

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Our team of Neurosurgeons at HealthHub Clinics includes some of the world’s most prominent neurosurgeons, spinal surgeons and brain surgeons. Considered by many as leaders in their respective

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Obstetrics & Gynaecology Clinics in Dubai

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

It’s not just treatment, it supports. Our Ob/Gyn (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) department is focused on enhancing the health and well-being of women across all ages.

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Taking care of your ‘Windows to the World’.  We just can’t escape some of the evils of modern technology. Too much time spent in front

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How to stay strong when life is unpredictable. Our team of the best orthopaedic doctors in Dubai provide the Gulf region with expert orthopaedic care.

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Paediatric Clinics in Dubai


Our Young Patients are always Family. We see our Paediatrics department as a hub for all our young patient’s needs up to 16 years of

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The HealthHub Department of Pathology is completely equipped with modern and pioneering diagnostic technology. We specialise in pathology (the diagnosis of a disease based on

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Two young doctors discussing a cosmetic surgery procedure on the face of a mature woman lying on a table in a clinic

Plastic Surgery

Well-being at HealthHub Clinics also begins with how good you look outside as it has an impact on how good you feel inside. Our expert

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