About Physiotherapy

Our team of physiotherapists at HealthHub Clinics are experts in treating patients recovering from serious long-term or complex medical conditions or injuries.

We provide specialist care and rehabilitation for patients suffering from serious medical and physical conditions such as musculoskeletal or spinal cord injury, either on a short or intermediate basis. With a world-class multidisciplinary team using the latest high-tech equipment to optimize and speed up recovery.

Our holistic approach ensures that the focus is on not only the immediate condition but also long-term improvement and a full return to a quality of life through the most advanced vocational rehabilitation measures.

After a full assessment of a patient’s condition, our specialists work closely together with the patient’s family to set achievable goals. Rehabilitative processes are further accelerated through necessary interventions that include:

  • Spasticity management by Botox injections
  • Pain control by nerve blocks
  • High-end spasticity interventions like intrathecal baclofen pumps
  • Functional electrical stimulations
  • Supported mobility
  • Compression devices
  • Joint and tendon injections
  • Treatment of neurological and spinal cord injuries
  • Speech therapy
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