About Anesthesiology

Anesthetist are highly specialized, completely trained, educated and experienced Board Certificated doctors in Anesthesiology specialty.
Anesthetist is responsible for preoperative examination of the surgical patient, providing general anesthesia/ sedation/ monitored anesthesia care/ local anesthesia during surgical or diagnostic procedure and postoperative recovery care of the patient.
Anesthesia is a state of induced, controlled and continuously supervised state of unconsciousness, absence of pain and spontaneous movement during the surgery. Patients are under continuous supervision and care of the anesthetist and vital signs monitoring during the surgery or any other procedure that requires anesthesia or sedation.
Anesthetists and surgeons communicate and cooperate regarding each and every patient in order to make the best possible anesthesia and postoperative pain relief therapy for the patient.
Surgical procedures can be done in general anesthesia, procedural sedation, procedural sedation with regional / local anesthesia and only local anesthesia with monitored anesthesia care. Type of anesthesia depends of the type of surgical or diagnostic procedure, length of the surgery / procedure, patient’s age and current medical condition.
In Al Futtaim Day Surgery Center, anesthesia techniques are carefully chosen to provide maximal safety of the patient throughout perioperative period and provide excellent postoperative pain therapy and discharge from the healthcare facility on the same day.
All aspects of anesthesia practice are based on current medical practice, DHA standards and regulations and international standards and protocols for best and safe anesthesia practice, accepted and recognized worldwide.