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Dr. Yasmine copy

Dr. Yasmin Heshla

General Practitioner
Speaks: English and Arabic
Clinics: HealthHub - Silicon Oasis,
Dr. Yasmine copy

Dr. Yasmin Heshla

Speaks: English and Arabic

Clinics: HealthHub - Silicon Oasis,

Core Expertise

  • Acute allergic and common skin conditions
  • Uncomplicated Renal conditions such as urinary tract infections, cystitis, nephrotic and nephritic syndrome
  • Chronic conditions, including Diabetes, Hypertension and Lipid Disorders
  • Critical care including medical and surgical emergencies, and trauma
  • Dealing with cases of Acute abdominal pain and diagnosing of its common causes
  • Uncomplicated Gastroenterological and Endocrinological Disorders such as Gastritis, GERD, Peptic Ulcers and Thyroid Disorders
  • Different Hepatology and biliary conditions management
  • Lifestyle management and Preventative Medicine, including smoking cessation, weight management, nutrition, immunizations and periodic health checkups
  • Respiratory diseases, including Asthma, COPD, upper and lower respiratory tract infections
  • Minor injuries, including minor lacerations


Dr. Yasmin graduated from Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University with excellent degree with honor and obtained her master’s degree in Internal Medicine in 2019. She has worked at several university hospitals in Alexandria as Internal Medicine resident, dealing with different acute and chronic medical conditions. The doctor has also worked for eight years in different governmental and private clinics and hospitals in Egypt. Dr. Yasmin focuses in using evidence-based medicine and be always updated with the recent different guidelines.

Primary Location

HealthHub – Al Nahda
Ground Floor, Essa Saleh Al Gurg Building,
Amman Street,
Al Nahda 2,

Parking: Yes - RTA parking available
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