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Dr. Shireen Khan

Dr. Shireen Khan

Specialist Pediatrician
Speaks: Arabic, English, German and Urdu
Clinics: HealthHub - Al Muteena, HealthHub - Al Qusais,
Dr. Shireen Khan

Dr. Shireen Khan

Speaks: Arabic, English, German and Urdu

Clinics: HealthHub - Al Muteena, HealthHub - Al Qusais,

Core Expertise

  • General Paediatrics
  • Neonatal Resuscitation and after care (NRP)
  • Emergency Paediatrics (PALS)
  • Growth and development
  • Nutrition


Dr. Shireen obtained her MBBS degree from the University of Sindh. She completed her residency in Surgery and Orthopaedics, and finally in Paediatrics from a multi-speciality tertiary care paediatric institute, one of the largest paediatric hospitals in South Asia. She continued with her post graduate studies for 4 years in the same institute, after which she went to Ireland to study for her DCH from the Royal College of Physicians, Ireland.

She has 35 years of extensive experience in paediatric care and constantly stays updated on the latest developments in this field. She has visited England every year for intensive courses (pre-covid), but thereafter, has been a regular participant in online conferences and lectures.

Dr. Shireen has a passion for teaching and has consistently developed presentations and lectures on various paediatric subjects for physicians and nurses that have earned her coveted CME points from the DHA and as a certified BLS trainer.

She has reputedly worked for Pfizer for a few years, predominantly in clinical research for paediatric drugs. She was later promoted to Head of Public Affairs where she was able to work in disaster management and relief by providing medical and financial help to the areas where required. Her passion for the field has also taken her to work and assist in earthquake zones and areas in South Asia, stricken by tsunamis.

Primary Location

HealthHub – Al Nahda
Ground Floor, Essa Saleh Al Gurg Building,
Amman Street, Al Nahda 2,

Parking: Yes - RTA parking available
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