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Dr. Gada Abdel-Hamid

Specialist Anesthesiologist
Speaks: Arabic, English and French

Dr. Gada Abdel-Hamid

Speaks: Arabic, English and French

Core Expertise

  • Regional Anaesthesia: Intrathecal – epidural and different nerve blocks
  • Conscious sedation for endoscopies and other minor procedures
  • Pain management (acute and chronic)
  • Local and Topical Anaesthesia


Dr. Gada is an expert with 15 years of experience in high quality, general anesthesia and airway management for all types of surgeries, across different age groups. She is an experienced anesthesiologist providing excellent anesthesiology and pain management services to patients with over 15 years of experience. She grew up in the UK and has worked in Egypt, Kuwait and the UAE.

Primary Location

HealthHub – Day Surgery Center and Specialty Clinics
Festival City Mall, Ground Floor,
Opposite IKEA,

Parking: Mall parking available