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Dr. Elaleh Allahyari

Specialist Anesthesiologist
Speaks: Persian, English and German

Dr. Elaleh Allahyari

Speaks: Persian, English and German

Core Expertise

  • Pre-operative medical status checkup
  • Management of general anesthesia in adult and paediatric cases
  • Inserting invasive monitoring such as intra-arterial and central venous catheter as indicated
  • Regional anesthesia including spinal and epidural anesthesia
  • Combined general and epidural anesthesia
  • Monitored anesthesia care with conscious sedation in patients under local anesthesia
  • Post anesthesia medical care


Dr. Elaleh Reza Allahyari has worked in the capacity of Specialist Anesthesiologist across a wide variety of surgeries in adult and paediatric cases. She has obtained the Certificate of Anesthesia from the Iranian Board and has worked for 23 years as a faculty member at Shiraz University hospitals. She is also a key member of the Fellowship of Cardiothoracic Anesthesia.

Primary Location

HealthHub – Day Surgery Center and Specialty Clinics
Festival City Mall, Ground Floor,
Opposite IKEA,

Parking: Mall parking available