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Dr. Ahsan copy

Dr. Ahsen Farooque

Specialist Direct Hair Implantation
Speaks: English , Swedish (Svenska) and Urdu
Dr. Ahsan copy

Dr. Ahsen Farooque

Speaks: English , Swedish (Svenska) and Urdu

Core Expertise

  • DHI hair transplant for scalp
  • DHI hair transplant for beard
  • DHI hair transplant for moustache
  • DHI hair transplant for moustache
  • Burnt scalp hair restoration using DHI
  • Medical and surgical treatments to fix genetically acquired hair loss through certain diseases
  • Treatment of medical conditions pertaining to hair loss in young children, ladies and gents of all ages


Dr. Ahsen Farooque is a Specialist Direct Hair Implantation from the DHI Medical Group, Greece. After 13+ years & 5000+ cases in Hair Transplantation Techniques such as FUE, FUT, Hybrid FUE and DHI, Dr. Ahsen is one of the greatest advocates of the Direct Hair Implantation Technique.

Dr. Ahsen Farooque obtained his MBBS from FMH College of Medicine & Dentistry, Pakistan. In 2016, he was 1 of the 213 doctors globally to succesfully pass the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgeries (ABHRS) exams – Indiana, USA. Dr.Ahsen became a visiting hair restoration surgeon with Ailesbury Hairloss Clinic in Dublin, Ireland for 10+ years before he went on to obtain Masters in Infectious Disease Control (Sodertons University, Sweden) in 2010. Dr. Ahsen finally graduated from the DHI Medical Group, Greece in the year 2016 after which DHI became his centre and focus.

Dr. Ahsen’s philosophy for his patients is, to treat your hair loss in its early stages, before it affects your confidence negatively. He is passionate about attention to detail and this is prevalent if one were to watch him perform a hair transplant. The entire procedure is carried out by him, with precision, attention to design, density and medical artistry, by his own hands from first follicle extracted to last follicle implanted. There is no hand over to technician or nurses. Dr Ahsen is a specialist in both male and female hair transplant.

Hair Restoration:
Hair restoration through Direct Hair Implantation Treatment to show a smaller forehead and receding hairline, treat traction alopecia, inactive alopecia areata and hereditary alopecia (hair loss).

Primary Location

HealthHub – Day Surgery Center and Specialty Clinics
Festival City Mall Ground Floor,
Opposite IKEA,

Parking: Yes - Mall parking available