About Dr. Ramana Jagarlamudi

Dr. Ramana Jagarlamudi has a wealth of healthcare administration experience across international brands, working with some of the largest healthcare conglomerates in the UAE and India. 
Dr. Ramana has been instrumental in managing all levels of large-scale projects, including budgeting and administration. He is an innovative, customer-oriented healthcare administrator with a background in Quaternary care, Ambulatory and Rehabilitation. His customer-oriented roles have been contributory in leading high-performance teams to meet and exceed objectives. Dedicated and hardworking with internal drive to deliver excellence, Dr. Ramana is a tactical team builder with strong background in quality assurance, Monitoring KPI's, claims analysis and management principles and practices. 
His expertise has seen him lead high-level project management, operations and business development of hospitals, ambulatory centers, medical centers, pharmacies and rehabilitation centers. Prior to joining in Al-Futtaim Health, Dr. Ramana held senior corporate positions leading healthcare institutes across India and UAE. He worked as Operations Manager in Global Hospitals India which is known for multi organ transplant program. He worked as Head of Medical Centers under the Burjeel hospital brand which are recognized as best performing medical centers in VPS Healthcare. He joined Anglo Arabian Healthcare as Director of Operations and Strategy- Northern Emirates and contributed to its significant growth and market recognition. He also worked as Assistant Vice President Operations in Emirates Healthcare Group and handled multiple projects including Joint Ventures.   

Holds MBA from Stratford university in Northern Virginia USA. He also holds bachelor’s degree in dental surgery from MGR University in Chennai.

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